5 Suit Mistakes That May Make You Look Crude

A lot of people wear suits, but very few know its rules and guidelines. Its better not to wear a suit than to wear it in a wrong way. Here are five mistakes most Nigerians make often, which is about turning to norm, whereas they are big errors.

  1. Fastening up all buttons: Many people still don’t know yet that the bottom button of their suit is not meant to be buttoned. When you have a single button suit, you have the choice to either loose it or button up. Two button? You only need the top one done. For three button, you only need the top and middle button. Four Button? You need to change that suit. Anybody wearing a four button suit now is assumed to be living in the past.
  2. Leaving the Label at the hand: It is a great fashion faux-pas to leave the label usually at the left hand of a suit. The label is meant to be removed after purchase. You just need to be careful when removing it.
  3. Leaving the threads closing up the vent and the pockets: Another common mistake is to leave the threads locking up the vent and the tip of the pocket. You find theses threads on new suits. Wondering what a vent is? Vent is the opening at the bottom back of suits, usually two or one.
  4. Not giving importance to the leathers: The belt, shoe and wrist watch also speak a lot and complement the perfection of your suit. Make sure they match or at worst being in the same colour family
  5. Choosing a wrong colour shirt and tie: The most beautiful suit will look odd on a bad combination of tie and shirt. It is very Important to learn and know which type up shirt. Like our Facebook page “Grandeur Tailors” as we aim to make a series of post to enlighten us on the shirt- suit combination and shirt-tie combination.

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why nigerian graduates should learn tailoring.

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