Ready-made vs Tailored Outfits: Which Should You Go For?

Most Nigerians prefer going for ready-made dresses rather than sewing from local tailors because:
(1) They believe ready-made wears are more fitting, well sewn, and are made of better materials than the so-called ‘cut and sew’.
(2) They would want to boycott the stress of buying materials(cloths) after which they’ll have to look for good tailors around. Tailors can even disappoint them.
(3) They believe ready-made are more affordable in terms of prices.

The real truth is, when a garment is made by a tailor for you and only for you with a unique fit that is particular to your body alone, it enhances your body posture and blend through your curves, thus fitting you better.
Ready-made makers have no idea of the shape of the person to purchase the dress. They make dresses based on fixed sizes alone.

The motive of all business is to make a profit. Most materials used for cheap ready-made dresses are of low quality. Who dare sells high-quality clothing at a ridiculous price?

Well, i don’t blame Nigerians. Tailors that can meet up to their desires and delivering at the due time are so few

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